Delphi Forums WYSIWYG Editor Smileys

These 32 smileys are presently included with the latest version of the Firefox WYSIWYG Editor for Delphi Forums.

Smiley Name File Name
2 Funny th_2funny.gif
Angel th_angel.gif
Angry th_angry.gif
Bow th_bow.gif
Bravo th_bravo.gif
Censored th_censored.gif
Cheesy th_cheesy.gif
Cool th_coolsmiley.gif
Crying th_crying.gif
Doh! th_doh.gif
Don't Know th_dontknow.gif
Dunce th_dunce.gif
Grumble th_grumbel.gif
Handshake th_handshake.gif
Happy th_happy.gif
Hug th_hug.gif
Kiss th_kiss.gif
Love th_love.gif
Shocked th_shocked.gif
Shy th_ashamed.gif
Silly th_silly.gif
Sleepy th_sleepy.gif
Stupid th_stupid.gif
Talkative th_talkative.gif
Thumbs Up th_thumbup.gif
Ticked Off th_tickedoff.gif
Tongue th_tongue.gif
Trouble th_trouble.gif
Unbelievable th_unblv.gif
Undecided th_undecided.gif
Whistle th_whistle.gif
Wonder th_wonder.gif